Useless Rambling
"Labefaction" is also unappreciated

Labile: so underused and yet so helpful in everyday insults. It has just the right balance of scientific meaning, ease of pronunciation, and ubiquitous subject.

I can only surmise that confusion with the perfectly blah “label” has driven this gem to near-obscurity. What quiet little tragedies usage creates!


When building your stronghold, do not forget the machicolations. When reading a China Mieville novel, do not forget your dictionary.

Both go well with ice cream. As desserts and siege warfare so often do.

Doubt Not

Doughty: brave and persistent; valiant; worthy. Sadly, this has nothing to do with cookie dough.

Unless your cookie dough is brave and persistent, in which case, I defer to your baking expertise. And to your doughty cookies.

According to Boromir, both Aragorn and Boromir are doughty, though lacking spades (i.e. shovels, only classier). According to Frodo, Faramir and his men are doughty. This suggests a synonym: Gondorian. Perhaps the OED editors are working this into their next edition.

For your edification:

In which our dashing protagonist contemplates the definition of the word “foray”. In a dashing sort of way.

A foray, in the sense of an initial venture, and not, I assure you, in the “quick raid for the purpose of taking plunder” sense.